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About Us

TUED (International Events Association of Turkey) was established in December 2019 to bring international events to Turkey and make Turkey one of the most preferred event destinations in its region and around the world.


TUED is the Turkey representative of ILEA (International Live Events Association), the largest event professionals association in the world, and aims to realize joint projects with ILEA and stay in the communication network of all event professionals in the world operating internationally.


TUED establishes, develops, and works with relevant government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and opinion leaders in order for Turkey to become one of the most popular event destinations in the world. TUED could be considered as the only local association from Turkey that operates overseas. 

Our Vision

Becoming an accredited and valid association of reference in Turkey for the education, certification issues of event industry.


*Walking on the respected and mutual manifestation on the international events industry.

Our Values

  • Creating the following mutual values between corporations and professionals to increase awareness and provide importance for events industry;

  • Creativity

  • Interaction

  • Teamwork

  • Education and Development

  • Correct network and relationships based on mutual trust

Our Mission

  • Bringing international events to Turkey.

  • Making Turkey the most preferable event destination in the region and the world.

  • Establishing, cooperating, and developing relations with governmental organizations, developing projects for cooperation with governmental organizations to make Turkey the most popular event destination.

  • Providing certificates for individuals and corporations who target organizing international events.

  • Providing information for the professionals who organize international events about conferences, fam trips, congresses, etc. in order to establish necessary connections.

  • Encouraging the international organizations, corporations, and establishments operating in Turkey to move their international activities to Turkey and become their most eminent solution partners.

  • As the ILEA (International Live Events Association) representative of Turkey -which is the biggest events professionals’ association- developing and realizing joint projects.

  • Being in the same network of international event NGOs like ILEA.

  • Organising competitions, fam trips, conferences, and seminars to introduce the Turkish events industry to the global event industry.

  • Coaching speakers from Turkey for the international events industry.

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